Jared M. Gant is an avid motorcyclist, writer, photographer and blogger by night/weekend and a Qualified Security Assessor, also know as a Compliance Agent, by day. In the last 5 years he has motorcycled through 46 of the 50 states and traveled well over 75,000 miles on two wheels. During many of these motorcycle trips he has been accompanied by his wife who also enjoys motorcycling. He has owned several motorcycles and currently owns an award-winning Kawasaki Nomad, which he customized himself. He is a regional leader for the fastest growing Kawasaki affiliate group, Vulcan Bagger Association, and has assisted in planning and promoting several motorcycle events throughout the country. He is a contributing author for Accelerate Magazine and writes on several blogs of various topics. His passion for photography stems from his childhood when he would often take pictures of his friends flying through the air on their BMX bikes. He does the same thing now, but his friends have motorcycles instead. He enjoys many types of photography from portrait and landscape shots to the more artistic and abstract. He has become a skilled photographer and has had his photography featured in magazines and websites.